astroguts (astroguts) wrote,

first few days

goodbye canada.

hello alaska.

ello clouds.

oi more clouds.

first look at hong kong.

i think this bridge is supposed to be a landmark or something. anyway, hi bridge.


WHOA TUNNEL. i admit, this car ride was a little too long for my tastes.

finally. city.

we own that shit.

i got an azn makeover: brand new outfit, brand new hair.

my dad took us out to japanese. the dishes come on conveyer belts and you just pick up whatever dish you so please.

i decided i wanted some disgusting looking squid.

we own this shit too. this shop = 40yrs+; i remember chillen here when i was a little baby. lots of bugs (i.e. centipedes and cockroaches). this one closes permanently on aug 7th, i think.

delivery van. sup, ghetto.

in van with dad. everyone in hong kong drives like a crazy motherfucker. crossing the street makes me want to cry every time.

ooo storage.

hi. the weather in hong kong makes me shiny all over.

there are more pictures but i'm too lazy to go reach for my camera right now.

- always smells like fish; always humid. the nights are as hot as the days (my dad explains: at night, everyone turns on their a/c so it makes everything hot).
- i should not cross streets alone. i am waaaay too slow for it. will get run over before i even realize i'm not on the sidewalk anymore.
- no one understands when you say "excuse me." you gotta push and shove.
- salespeople are aggressive with or without commission.
- men really like to grope.

this is going to be a long 2 months.
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